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For over 25 years in Texas, Virginia, and California, I have been teaching Tang Soo Do Karate in schools, and churches.  As a full-time minister, I have discovered that martial arts teach many values and principles essential in a Christian walk.  Principles like Discipline, Honor, Integrity, and Perseverance are learned values that I have seen help many youth and children grow in the Lord.  I have also witnessed karate training help students’ academic achievements and leadership qualities. Unlike many other martial arts programs, our karate program teaches self defense without Eastern mysticism. We have successfully tied Biblical principles and Christ symbolism to the instruction of Tang Soo Do Karate.  I started the Christian Martial Arts System initially at Baylor University in 1996 during my undergraduate years.  The Christian Martial Arts System is a program designed to combine the benefits of martial arts training with the sense of honor and discipline needed in the Christian walk.  While receiving my Masters degree at Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University, I had an opportunity to open martial arts programs in many local schools, in addition to the programs I was teaching at churches. The benefits of martial arts training have changed my life, and I believe it can change yours as well.  Upon joining, you will find that you are in an established martial arts program and will soon earn nationally-recognized ranks.  To be a follower of Jesus and a martial artist is both an honor and a responsibility, one to be taken very seriously. May God abundantly bless you as you begin your training in Tang Soo Do Karate in the Christian Martial Arts System.

Serving in Christ,

Pastor Eric


Eric E. Maggio, M.Div.

5th Dan Master Instructor 

TCMAS CEO and Instructor  

The Christian Martial Arts System is a Sport Outreach Ministry of Church at the Beach inc. A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Religious Organization.  All fees collected are on a donation only basis and is used for ministerial support.  For further information please contact Pastor Eric at eemaggio@yahoo.com

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