Staff and Leadership Team

Rev. 12745877_924187357688247_2043066549160405954_nEric E. Maggio Founder and Head Instructor of the Christian Martial Arts System graduated from Baylor University in 2000 and received his Masters of Divinity Degree from George W. Truett Theological Seminary in 2003. He has served on the staff of several churches in Texas, Virginia, and California, and has served as a supply preacher cross-denominationally.

Pastor Eric has planted four churches, three through the North American Mission Board including most notably “Church at the Beach IB” the largest and fastest growing Baptist church in the City of Imperial Beach and was featured on the front page of the 2013 May edition of Christian Examiner. His sermons are online, and are presently being downloaded and listened to on several continents around the globe.  He currently serves as the Head Pastor for Church at the Beach IB.

Pastor Eric holds a 6th degree Master Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Karate, was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2016, and founded the Christian Martial Arts System: a ministry which has held Christ-centered martial arts training in public and private schools, a university, and a number of churches in several US states.



5th Degree Master Black Belt: S. Matthew Thammavong, began his marital arts training in 1997 at the young age of four years old, at that time studying the arts of Shotokan Karate-Do, and Kenjutsu, after over 15 years in that study, his instructor sadly passed, after a brief sabbatical from the martial arts began teaching basics to Taekwondo students at local YMCAs 2012, ultimately beginning his study of Tang Soo Do Karate in 2013, at the Martial Arts Warriors Academy, after teaching and training there for several years, working with some of the top marital artists in the country. After resigning from the Academy, Kyo Sa: Thammavong took some personal time before returning to the martial arts community, founding Thammavong Martial Arts/Kwan Bahk Do, and joining with Pastor Maggio, to bring students young and old a martial path, that combines the modern with the traditional, in-order for individuals to become stronger charactered people, and to help them draw close to their God.(James 4:8)



The Christian Martial Arts System was formed in 1997 at Baylor University in Texas.  While the system has changed throughout the years the same Christ Centered Discipleship Approach to the Martial Arts has remained our focus to each generation.

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