Studio Rules

Entering the Karate Studio:

When you enter the area that we practice Tang Soo Do Karate, you have just entered an official karate studio. This means you must remove your shoes before entering the studio floor and properly salute the flag upon entering. If a class is already in progress, you must wait for the instructor to acknowledge you, bow and then quietly enter the studio floor. (if you are late you might not be allowed to train that day)

Respect and Discipline:

All instructors, assistant instructors and senior students are to be addressed as “Sir” or “ma’am” if you fail to address them with the proper respect, you will receive pushups, and may not be allowed to continue training that day. A karate studio is very similar to a military environment since much of what you will learn is ancient Korean military tactics. With that in mind, you cannot talk back to anyone who outranks you or you will receive pushups. Virtually all forms of martial arts have zero tolerance for disrespect and we are no different.

No Fighting outside of Karate Class:

Anyone can get angry and get into a fight, it is the strong, the honorable, the mature who can control their anger and know how to avoid a fight. I believe that those who wear the patch of the Christian Martial Arts System are such people: honorable, mature and strong martial artists who are in control of themselves and their aggression. If a student gets into a fight, or starts a fight, he not only dishonors himself, he dishonors his whole karate studio. Fighting is taken very seriously. If a student gets into a fight outside of karate class, they will not be permitted to test for their next belt at the next belt test.

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